Grand Unified Theory


Theory of Everything

This site presents works of Alexander Ketsaris devoted base concepts of theoretical physics. In particular, a new methodology allowing us to conciliate classical and quantum points of view on descriptions of physical phenomena is developed in the works. Two key regulations are in a basis of the theory:

We call your attention to lecture series. In the lectures you can familiarize yourself with the basic logical prerequisites of the theory and its consequences in a statement focused on the student audience.


Febrary 3rd edition of the book Mathematical foundations of New Physics.
January 2nd edition of the book Mathematical foundations of New Physics.
Mart The book Mathematical foundations of New Physics has been published (2 volumes).
28 May Lecture 30 Strong gravitation and weak electromagnetism.
5 December Lecture 29 Transformations of dynamic variables. Dynamic equations.
17 September Lecture 28 Permutation relations. English translation of Lecture 24 Unified theory of interactions. Theses.
16 July Lecture 27 Five-dimensional theory of gravitation and electromagnetism.
16 June Lecture 26 Kinematic algebra in a gauge field. Secondary kinematic algebra.
12 December Lecture 25 Curved differentiation.
9 August Appendix to Lecture 14 Color interaction of electrons.
8 July Lecture 24 Unified theory of interactions. Theses.
14 November Lecture 23 Space-time as curved space.
18 February Lecture 22 Space and time as affine space.
23 October Lecture 21 Intermediate particles of the second genus.
9 September Lecture 20 Dualism: intermediate particles contra gauge field.
21 May Lecture 19 Gauge field. Small corrections in Lecture 18.
27 March Lecture 18 Kinematic algebra.
5 February Lecture 17 Intermediate particles.
20 October Lecture 16 Tensor algebra as algebra of fundamental particles.
31 July Lecture 15 Hypothetical fundamental particles and Appendix to Lecture 15.
9 May Lecture 14 Classification of fundamental particles and tensor symmetries.
24 April Lecture 13 Algebra of relativistic quarks.
26 February Lecture 12 Algebra of nonrelativistic quarks.
23 January Lecture 11 Towards the quark algebra.
24 October Lecture 10 Special relativity in the space-time of lepton.
6 August Lecture 9 Equations of relativistic quantum mechanics for leptons.
20 May Lecture 8 Space-time of lepton.
15 May The second edition of Algebraic foundations of physics. Space-time and action as universal algebras was published in Editorial URSS Publishers.
4 Mart Lecture 6 Antileptons and contravariant conjugate Clifford algebra and Lecture 7 Antileptons and covariant conjugate action algebra. Small changes in Lectures 1-5.
31 July Lecture 5 Wave functions of leptons.
4 July Lecture 4 Contravariant action algebra and quantum postulates.
5 June Lecture 3 Is it possible to deduce Dirac matrices?
27 May Lecture 2 Clifford algebra as candidate for action algebra.
25 April Lecture 1 A reason of quantum phenomena.
15 April Our site was started.